EV-DO (pretty much) kills EV-DV

Qualcomm logo

You don't hear all that much about it anymore, but once upon a time EV-DV, a 3G wireless standard with download speeds as fast as 3 Mbps and uploads as fast as 1.8 Mbps (which makes it easier to make video calls), was going to be Sprint's secret weapon to edge out Verizon in the wireless wars (Verizon having decided to go with EV-DO, which is slower and less efficient than EV-DV). But then Sprint announced back in June of last year that they were going to roll with EV-DO instead, and since then Qualcomm has decided to respond to what has been pretty much every carrier's general apathy to the standard by announcing the other day that they were putting development of EV-DV on indefinite hiatus. It's hard to mourn a wireless standard, but in case you're bothered by this, apparently the next revision of EV-DO will offer a bump up in speed.

[Via PhoneScoop]