DoCoMo launches relatively average N700i and P700i, complete with Mickey Mouse for the 'dirty youth'

DoCoMo P700i and N700i

The N700i and P700i FOMA handsets were announced today (though shipping March 11th), as DoCoMo continues to work their magic across the Pacific. Both phones feature a similar baseline feature set we've mentioned in the past: 2-inch 24-bit displays, 1 megapixel cameras, miniSD memory slots, and of course all of these abilities are supported by mammoth batteries (350-430 hour standby, 140 minute talk, and 90 minute video call time). Features particular to the P700i include Kirari-mail (translation please?) which displays LED patterns coded to messages including particular emoticons, as well as the G-GUIDE software for accessing TV schedule codes for programming video recorders. Antibacterial body jackets and pre-installed Disney character illustrations make the N700i the favorite in what we're glad to term the 'dirty youth' market.