Nokia and HP go live with Visual Radio in Finland

Nokia 7710

Now for all the services in Japan that we want in our phones, Finland still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Finnish radio station Kiss FM is the world's first station to use Nokia and HP's new Visual Radio system, which is being pitched as an opportunity for radio listeners to interact and provide feedback to the station. The system, which we've covered previously, streams information on the currently playing track, including album and tour information, straight to your cellphone (your Nokia cellphone, natch), and will also allow listeners to interact through competitions, audience polls, and live ticket purchasing options. It's nice to know that the Finns will be able to reject the latest Britney single quickly and easily, FM seems to destined to remain a wasteland over here in the States for years and years to come. Anyway, Nokia's 7710, 3230, and 6230i are the only handsets compatible with Visual Radio, though there's already some chatter about integrating all of this with car stereos.