Nevada company developing super Li-ion batteries

If there's one thing that really bugs us, it's batteries (that and loud cellphone users). Either they don't last long enough, they take too long to charge, or they

Konfabulator battery widget

explode. But until someone comes up with a fission-powered cellphone, we're stuck with them, so we get pretty charged up (sorry, couldn't resist) when we hear about advances in battery technology. According to New Scientist, Altair Technologies, in Reno, Nevada, is developing a new type of Li-ion battery that can be charged in six minutes, can last 10 times longer than conventional lithiums, and can be recharged up to 20,000 times. The new batteries achieve their impressive results by using lithium titanate nanocrystals. Frankly, we have no idea what that means, and we don't really care. If these work, we're down with them — as long as they don't explode, that is.

[Thanks, Mike]