Finnish Mobile TV launches with 500 person test

Finnish Mobile TV

Seems like just a few days ago we mentioned the deployment of visual radio in Finland, something the Nokia 7710 is apt for utilizing. Now, in partnership with Nokia, MTV, and the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Sonera and Elisa (two Finnish carriers) are deploying 7710s equipped to pickup mobile TV broadcasts. 500 users will use realtime TV and radio programs to test both the technical back-end as well as the end user experience. The lucky Finns will be able to watch MTV, CNN, BBC World, and Eurosport, in addition to whatever they watch on domestic Finnish television. These aggressive mobile applications do leave us wondering, however. How much longer can Nokia claim fuel cell technology to be immature if they expect their customers to walk around watching Pimp My Ride with Xzibit and Moneyline with Lou Dobbs?