Giant spiderbot: not your average John Deere offering

Giant spiderbot

So we readily admit to having been lulled into complacency by the selection of John Deere farm and lawn equipment heretofore witnessed, but never again will we write this company off — not after seeing the giant spiderbot walking forest machine. The Finnish subsidiary of the mighty JD, Plustech, adapts automagically to the forest floor terrain by making what we can only imagine as deft usage of its six articulated legs. Forward, sideways, diagonal — whatever it takes, this machine can handle (we hear it can do a mean Boot Scootin' Boogie). Its motions are all computer-controlled, and — here's the best part — the user interface to the operator is a simple ol' joystick. Alright, now — who do we have to talk to about developing a simulation for the PSP?

[Via Defensetech]