Buy DRM-free songs from the iTunes Music Store


Jon Johansen, aka DVD Jon, aka the secret crush of hackers and DRM-haters everywhere, has struck again. And this time he's not screwing around, he's done something that will so seriously provoke Apple and the recording industry that he may have to go into hiding: he's figured out how to buy DRM-free tracks from the iTunes Music Store. How? With a PyMusique, a new front-end he and some pals/future co-defendants created for the iTunes Music Store that let's you buy songs without any of that bothersome DRM stuff. Seems that our good friend discovered that when you buy something from the iTMS, the DRM is only added to the tracks after you've purchased and downloaded them, which sort of makes sense since they do need to be tagged to your account. You'll still have to actually pay for the music, but PyMusique conveniently neglects to wrap the file with any copy protection, which means you're free to do what you want with the unrestricted file, including copying it to multiple machines or sharing it over P2P. Hard to imagine how this could possibly be legal, since Apple specifically requires you to access the iTMS only through their software (Laurie Duncan actually read the ToS and checked), but you may as well enjoy the next six to twelve hours before Apple devises a way lock PyMusique users out.