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Sony forced to stop selling Dual Shock controllers?

Dual Shock

Haven't seen a source for this other than Japan Today, which seems a little weird, but reportedly a US District Court has ordered Sony to pay Immersion Corp. $90.7 million for infringing several patents related to computer-controlled vibrating motors (which Sony uses in their Dual Shock PlayStation and PlayStation 2 controllers). What's weirder still about this news is that as far as we can tell Sony already lost this case back in October when a federal jury ruled that Sony owed Immersion $82 million. Making it even more painful for Sony this time around (if this news is true, that is), the judge presiding over the case has also issued an injunction forbidding Sony from selling Dual Shock controllers, as well as "40 game software products" (or "games", as we know them), here in the States. It's Sunday, so we haven't been able to confirm the details of this case with Sony, but we'll give them a ring tomorrow and find out what's going on.

[Thanks, Droford]