Beware phony ATM facades

ATM facade

This has been a problem in various parts of the country for a couple of years already, but the San Francisco Examiner has something about a new scam hitting the Bay Area: ATM fraud. Apparently thieves are building fake front-ends for ATMs, complete with card readers, keypads, and mini-cameras, in order to capture your ATM card and PIN (most ATMs are so janky that it's hard to tell when you've got a fake one on your hands). To make sure you enter your PIN they also put up a sticker telling you to re-enter your number in order to get your card back. Then, after you've given up, the thieves retrieve your card and go to town. It's almost as bad as the scam where these guys bought real ATMs, put them in bodegas around Manhattan, and then waited for unsuspecting people to insert their cards and enter their PINs. We're switching to the barter system, just to be safe. We've got tons of stuff lying around here that people might want.