Toto's networked Intelligence Toilet

TOTO network toilet

Not so much a technotoilet as a whole-room system, Toto and Daiwa House's Intelligence Toilet—no, not a derogatory term for the CIA—combines a loo with a built-in urine analyser, a blood-pressure cuff housed in the counter next to the throne, a set of scales built into the floor in front of the sink, and a body-fat meter above it that you grip after washing. The data gets "provisionally saved in the Intelligence Toilet" before being transferred via a home network to your PC, where it's stored and graphed using a piece of software that'll also use the data to give you dietary advice and so forth. All this will apparently set you back Y380,000-Y560,000 ($3,550-$5,230) on top of the price of a usual toilet ("usual" in Japan meaning "costs $3,000, has warm water, massage and dryer attachments, and maybe even an SD card slot").