Fort Lauderdale to get robotic parking garage

jaguar xs

Valet? We don't need no stinkin' valet. We'll have our cars automagically ensconced in a Rubik's Cube-like parking maze at the robotic garage, thanks. When built, the recently-approved mechanical parking structure will be only the third fully automated system in the country (after Hoboken, NJ and Washington, D.C.). A driver will pull in and onto a mechanical parking tray, which scans the car for any potential stowaways before rising into the structure like an elevator and distributing the vehicle into an empty spot. A new tray comes down to await the next vehicle owner who can afford to drop $30,000 on a parking spot, and the cycle begins anew. When residents of the associated condo project wish to retrieve their vehicles, a handheld device can be scanned in the elevator on the way down so that cars can be ready and waiting. For $30K, let's hope that Rubik's Cube never misplaces your Jag.