Walking, humanoid robot Nuvo goes on sale in Japan

Nuvo robots

Nothing like humanoid robot news to brighten up the day (or is that just us?). The designer Japanese robot nuvo is finally going to market, at the stiff price of $5,450 (and that's just the entry-level version — add another $3K for the deluxe). The nuvo serves a dual role in the realms of home security and entertainment — two domestic spheres that go hand in hand like fishes and bicycles. The 15-inch, 5.5 pound nuvo from ZMP, Inc. walks and responds to voice commands, as well as linking to your mobile phone both to receive commands and to send you images of your home taken with the camera inside its head. That would cover the "home security" aspect, with the entertainment role being fulfilled by its ability to dance and play musical sounds. Consider the nuvo a great alternative to procreation: it's cheaper over the long haul and, considering some of the unfortunate offspring we've witnessed, potentially cuter.

[Thanks, YC]