Verizon killing free WiFi in NYC

Verizon phone booth

They never seemed all that enthusiastic about it in the first place, but Verizon is switching off the WiFi network they built in New York City by installing wireless access points in telephone booths in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The service was originally meant to lure subscribers to Verizon's DSL service, who would get free access to the WiFi network along with their DSL subscription, but now they're deciding that they're going to start shutting off the WiFi network in favor of trying to get people to sign up for Verizon Wireless's high-speed wireless EV-DO network (which costs eighty bucks a month to use with a laptop). Hard to imagine many Verizon DSL subscribers thinking to themselves that now that they're losing access to free WiFi they're going to spend $80 a month for EV-DO, if anything Verizon should be offering free WiFi access to anyone who signs up for an EV-DO account.

[Thanks, Mike]