Google down? Google hacked/not hacked!

Google hacked

Not normally something we'd cover, but damn, is Google down? Is such a thing even possible? Anyone know what's going on?

UPDATE: They're back! Seriously, anyone have any idea what happened?

UPDATE 2: GigaOm has a screengrab of a site called SoGoSearch that was redirecting to for a little while there. Sounds like somebody got themselves hacked!

UPDATE 3: Ok, to be fair, no one knows for sure that Google got hacked, this story is still developing. But hacked or not, something pretty catastrophic must have happened for them to have a system-wide outage like that. Sounds like there may have been some sort of Denial of Service attack, whether that was combined with a redirect of some kind isn't entirely clear. We'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 4: Google is now saying it was a DNS issue. They haven't said what the source of the issue was.