Yahoo Music Unlimited launches

Yahoo iTMS

Today marks the official launch of what Yahoo announced back in March: their Yahoo Music Unlimited service is a direct competitor to both Napster/Napster To Go and RealNetworks's Rhapsody/Rhapsody To Go, as well as Apple's pay-per-download only iTunes Music Store. Yahoo is going to be undercutting the former two both by a good 60 percent, by offering the music subscription service (including transfer to portable devices) for $6.99 monthly, or $4.99 per month for an annual subscription. Plus, they're going to include (and focus on) music sharing via the Yahoo! Messenger chat network, a unique feature they can tap into by virtue of being a company that already does a lot more than just provide a music service. The beta version of the service starts today, and gets members into unlimited tracks from a catalog of about a million songs.

[Thanks, zainali]