Taser guns are not lethal /lethal

Taser M26

So a while back the Justice Department funded a study to determine whether or not the Taser family of electrical weapons used by police are potentially lethal. The results that came back were sort of a mixed bag, with the research laboratory who conducted the experiments recommending further testing and citing potential dangers — yet the final report as authored claimed the electrical guns to be certified as non-lethal. It turns out that a couple of key players leading the study already had an agenda in mind before they got started: Robert Stratbucker, one of the key advisors, is actually a paid consultant for Taser. He was in turn hired by University of Wisconsin professor John Webster, who wrote before the study even got underway, "Tasers do not kill." Can anybody say, conflict of interest? So, until there's an actual independent study on this, the families of the 100+ folks who've died after Taser exposure since 1999 will likely be prioritizing their own "anecdotal" evidence on this.