Acer 4000: more, more, more Ferrari-themed laptops

Acer 4000

Yeah, Acer, you know everyone's been champing at the bit to get yet another revision to your long (so, so long) and illustrious Ferrari-themed laptop line. The goods on the Acer 4000 include a supposed "inside and out" complete upgrade to the 3xxx series — we've got 0.4 more inches on the TFT display, for instance — now up to 15.4-inches, woo! AMD is under the hood (pun finally appropriate) on this with their Turion 64 Mobile chip, graphics brought to us by ATI mobility Radeon X700 with 128MB DDR memory, plus 1GB RAM, 100GB hard drive, DVD "super multi double layer drive" (marketing hyperbole included free of charge), 5-in-1 card reader, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4 USB 2.0 ports, S-video and DVI-D out, FireWire, and S/PDIF out. No word on price, but expect it to carry a similar level of sticker shock as its automotive namesake. Bonus pic after the jump of racer clearly enthralled by this laptop (caption contest?).

Acer racer enthralled by laptop

We?ll start it off: ?Mmmmm? laptop.?