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Ambrogio Evolution: robotic lawnmowers poised to take over Earth

Ambrogio Evolution robotic lawn mower

Okay folks, the truth is out there — our robotic underlords have their cohorts lined up and waiting just outside our front doors. Yes, the Ambrogio Evolution robotic lawn mower can sense your long grass, and will seek incessantly to annihilate it. It can cover about three-quarters of an acre on lawns with slopes of up to about 27 degrees without losing power or speed and without tipping over — which is more than we can say for ourselves, quite honestly. It also has a bonus Smart Spiral mode, always useful for hoodwinking the neighbors with some whacked out crop circles. This tireless helper will not mow gently into that good night without a dear price: $2299.99 bags it, and no reviews yet in on how it is with the kids.

[Thanks, Chris V.]