Apple agrees to settlement in iPod battery class action suit


You know, lots of people complain about the iPod's non-user-replaceable (well, not easily, anyway) battery and its tendency to just plain crap out after while. Then, there are some people who mount a class action lawsuit over it, and it turns out they've actually won a settlement. Apple isn't actually admitting any wrongdoing or misrepresentation, but they have agreed to the settlement, which stipulates that third-generation iPod purchasers who've experienced battery failure during an eligible one-year limited warranty extension (presumably this adds a year to the warranty you normally get) can submit a claim for either an iPod replacement or a $50 Apple Store credit (hmm, no brainer!). Those who purchased a new first- or second-generation iPod on or before May 31, 2004 and who've experienced battery failure within two years can choose between a $50 credit at the Apple Store (retail or online) or a $25 reimbursement check. Anyone with a 1-3G iPod purchased before May 31, 2004 who has already paid for battery-related services under the Apple Battery Replacement Program before June 3, 2005 (hurry!) is eligible for a 50 percent reimbursement. If you qualify as a class member for any of the above, you'll want to go get some more details (peep the Read link), and you'll probably be wanting this:

iPod battery settlement claim form (instructions)

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