Perspecta: the 3D video goldfish bowl

Perspecta 3D video goldfish bowl

Looking at 3D images on 2D screens is cool and all, but Actuality Systems has an even better idea: a globular 3D display you can actually walk around and view moving 3D images in full volumetric glory. Viewers can see objects from the top or below or from any angle, as well as being able to zoom in and out in real time. Perspecta is made of a circular white polymer screen 25 cm in diameter, mounted atop a 1 meter tall black box for eye-level viewing. Software inside the machine dissects generated 3D models into 198 slices, which get projected onto the screen in rapid succession by an optical system mounted below the screen. The result is a 3-dimensional image that appears to be floating in a white fishbowl. If only this system weren't saddled with a $40,000 pricetag, we would be all about hacking this thing to keep our goldfish entertained.