Apple goes Intel: It's true!

Apple PowerBook - Intel Inside

Steve's just finished up delivering his keynote, but it looks like all those years PC nerds spent debating Apple fanboys about x86 vs. PowerPC performance weren't exactly for nought—at today's Apple WWDC in SF, Jobs declared the PowerPC has been "living a secret double life." We know it's more than just getting 15 "integer perf units" per watt to Intel's 70—like, say, having consistant troubles getting to that magical 3.0GHz marker, or those pesky heat issues. Steve's solution? Go Intel. And just as everyone had been expecting, a secret Intel build of OS X had been kept in house for the past half decade, just waiting for a reason to be loosed upon the world. They expect the full transition to Intel-based machines to be complete by 2007, as speculated, but we're still in the dark about how Mac is going to make OS X beige-box PC-proof—or if they even are.