Single-use digital video cams now available in CVS

cvs digicam

Pure Digital, the company behind the low-end single-use digicams available in drug stores around the country, is at it again, this time with digital video cameras, available in the CVS chain for $29.95 — plus $12.95 for burning the video to DVD. The cameras (which were first announced last summer) capture 20 minutes of what we assume is MPEG-4 video. In an era when even many of the freebie phones bundled with cell plans can do low-end movies, and VGA-quality video has become a standard feature on point-and-shoot digicams, we're not sure whether there's a real market for single-use digital video cameras, but we're about to find out (we'll also find out how long it takes for some determined hacker to open and reverse-engineer this).

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