The Treadmill Workstation

treadmill workstation

Dr. James Levine (obesity researcher, disliker of chairs) of The Mayo Clinic wants to replace your cubicle with a treadmill. Simmer down, simmer down…he's got good reason. Seems "thin people" are on their feet an average of 152 minutes a day more than their fleshy foes. So he's developed workstations (not yet available to the public) that combine a computer, desk and treadmill into a single $1,000US unit. Keeping a 1 mph pace, he is able to work as usual (yes, email too) while burning an extra 100 calories per hour. For him (10 hours per day…on a treadmill for crissake!) he estimates 50 pounds of weight loss per year if his eating habits remain the same. As a public service, we thought you'd like to see how these other exercises-you-can-do-at-the-office stack up by comparison: chopping wood (436 calories per hour) — hunting (360 cph) — sitting (76 cph) — sex-foreplay (104 cph) — sleeping (66 cph). We're going to start out slowly and just sit, twice as hard.

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