Nokia, Apple building open-source browser for Series 60 phones

safari icon

Apple's Safari web browser may not be available on the majority of the world's personal computers (at least not officially, that is), but it's about to carve out a whole new market — on smartphones. Nokia has been working with Apple to develop a new browser for its Series 60 phones, which will be based on WebCore and JavaScriptCore, the open source components that are the basis for Safari. Apple recently caused a stir in the open source community when it broke away from the KHTML project (which developed the technology behind WebCore and JavaScript Core) to form its own open source project focused on its WebKit environment, which includes WebCore and JavaScript Core. The new browser, to be compatible with all Series 60 phones, including those from LG, Panasonic and Samsung, is expected to be available in the first half of next year. Though Nokia says it will "actively participate in the open source community to further develop and enhance these components," there's currently no info or source code related to the project on the WebKit web site.