PSP stuck pixel fixer?


To be honest with you, we're a little bit skeptical about this one, but apparently some folks are reporting success with fixing the dead stuck pixels on their PSPs using this method (some are reporting failures, too, so obviously YMMV). It's a video file derived from a DVD Best Buy gives their customers to correct dead pixels on LCD TVs by flashing red, green and blue over and over again — so theoretically this is supposed to work anywhere you might be afflicted with a stuck pixel. It runs on all PSP firmware versions, and the advice is to let it go for several hours or more, periodically checking with the white and black test screens to see if the stuck pixels have come unstuck. Good luck, and let us know the results of your voodoo.

[Thanks, Ghazi]

P.S. It's worth mentioning that epileptics might want to give this flashing light trick a pass, mmkay? [Thanks, Justin and Large Juan]