The Dell keylogger conspiracy hoax

Dell keylogger hoax

Just in case you've seen that web page floating around implicating Dell in some wacked out government conspiracy by suggesting they fit a 4mb keylogger between the keyboard end of some guy's 600m and the Ethernet adapter, we'd like to point out a few key bits, having been inside a Dell laptop or forty.

  • Dell laptop keyboards plug directly into the motherboard with a ribbon cable

  • He was inside to replace a broken PCMCIA slot riser on the motherboard? Uh, that's a guaranteed next-day mobo replacement on a "almost brand new Dell 600m"—not that you could, but why bother even if you knew how and had spare laptop motherboard parts?

  • We've never seen a zip-tied circuit board in professionally assembled machine

  • That device is far too massive to fit under the mobo of a Dell laptop

  • Awful blurry picture of where it's at in the machine!

Sorry dude, but we're calling major, major BS on this. Anyone care to prove us wrong and open up a huge can of civil rights violations?

Update: Looks like the hoaxster pulled the images from here. [Thanks, scim]