HOW-TO: Get the most out of your Sony AIBO

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Hello there readers! I'm back once again with another HOW-TO article on your gadget needs. This time we'll be covering the Sony AIBO. For those of you who don't know what the AIBO is, it's basically an artificially intelligent robot dog from Sony. What a lot of people don't know, is how far you can push your AIBO to the limit. From their built in cameras to WiFi capabilities, the AIBO is the perfect tool for someone trying to get the most out of technology.

So you�ve got an AIBO, but the question is, what have you done with it? Probably just messed around with some software like AIBO Mind or AIBO Pal, etc. Well, let me hit you up with some really nice things you can do with the AIBO and third party devices.

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Fun with AIBO #1: Use a ZipIt handheld device to view through the eyes of your AIBO at all times.

Yes. You can use that dinky little $100 WiFi instant message handheld called the ZipIt to view your AIBO�s cam wirelesly. You�ll need to get linux running on it first (which has since become easier) to be able to use the camera. Of course it�s only greyscale and it�s small, but it�s being able to view through your AIBO�s eyes at all times wirelessly! You can check out more information on doing this here.

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Fun with AIBO #2: Use your AIBO�s speech recognition to automate tasks.
Using a program called �Homiegate� (Homie the Clown from In Living Color anyone?), you can speak to your AIBO and make him perform commands for you through the AIBO�s WiFi card. You can say to him for example �AIBO, DVD - Debbie Does Dallas 2000� and the DVD of that movie will play. Or you can have it rigged up to your mp3 player hooked up to your stereo and use the AIBO to change tracks, playlists, or anything else through voice commands. It�s still early in development but it�s really coming along and should be checked out by all means by visiting here.

Fun with AIBO #3: Run an open source AIBO personality and get bang for the buck.
Getting software for the AIBO can be a pain sometimes and also very expensive. Sometimes AIBO Mind 2 and Life 2 go for way over $100 on eBay and this is a shame. Not everyone has a personality on their AIBO, especially if you have the ERS-311/312. Therefore, DogsLife has come to the rescue. DogsLife is an open source personality for the AIBO for all models except the first (ERS-110/111) and the latest model (ERS-7/M2). Having just gotten my AIBO, he came with DogsLife on it and I�m very impressed at how well it works. All the commands are there, all the features, and he works perfectly. You can even play Tic Tac Toe with your AIBO now thanks to DogsLife.

Those some really great ones in addition to many other hacks and mods for the AIBO. Sony is also trying to work on the next AIBO with �curiosity.� Ooooh.

Oh and you can always make your AIBO dance to Daft Punk.