Mercedes Benz's new radar-based Pre-Safe Brake Assist Plus

Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe Brake Assist Plus

Normally we'd expect this kind of innovative auto-geekery from our Swede masters of safety in the North of the world, but Mercedes has apparently slated this autumn's S-Class lineup of new teched out features called Pre-Safe, including a new radar based braking assistance system aptly dubbed Brake Assist Plus. The theory is while laying on the brakes, if your reaction time is a little slow or your depth perception is a little too wonky, the car (with the assistance of constant radar sweeps in the front) will make sure the right amount of braking is applied. It's not going to brake for you, per se, but it'll help make sure that if you want to brake you'll be a lot less likely to hit the car in front of you—75% less likely according to Mercedes test results. Ahem. Brake whatcha mama gave ya.