Neogentronyx flame-shooting, hydraulic mecha, $35K on eBay


We really, really want to buy Neogentronyx, Carlos Owens' 18-foot tall, hydraulic, flame-shooting, anime-inspired exoskeleton, which the builder has listed on eBay. But at a starting bid of $35,000, plus $5,000 for shipping (hey, what do you want? It weighs 3,000 pounds and has to be shipped from Alaska), we somehow think Engadget HQ will balk if we put this on the company card. Owens says that the mecha has a hydraulic system capable of 40 possible movements, that he's fixed a bug that would cause it to tip over (that's a relief), and that he's going to add nail-shooting guns to Neogentronyx's shoulders before shipping it to a buyer. Owens plans to use proceeds from the sale to build an amphibious version; we're hoping that when that one comes up for sale, we can save on the shipping by having it walk/swim right to us.

[Thanks, BlanKman]