GTA "Hot Coffee" controversy summary

San Andreas

The whirlwind of controversy surrounding the "Hot Coffee" mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is reaching boiling point as multiple high profile critics toss their opinions into the fray. With the anti-violent gaming lobbyists on one side, and with Rockstar on the other, keeping track of the argument isn't easy. The linked article includes all the important quotes from both sides, as well as a new statement from anti-GTA attorney Jack Thompson. Perhaps not surprisingly he thinks Rockstar won't be around much longer stating; "Take a good look at Rockstar. They won't be around in three years." He also thinks that Rockstars parent company, Take-Two, will be in trouble due to its monetary dealings. Whilst that'll be good news for the anti-violent games lobbyists in the short term, Rockstar isn't the only company producing violent games. The issue of violence in games should be addressed as an industry wide issue and should be compared to other types of entertainment (in particular violent movies). Otherwise there'll be a constant stream of shock followed by knee-jerk reactions as the latest version of 'GTA: Sadomasochism' is released.

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