First Xbox 360 shots in the wild in the wild

Xbox 360 live shot

That smug smile Napoleon Dynamite here is wearing apparently got wiped off pretty quick when after posting some of the first live Xbox 360 shots in the wild, he apparently started begging the forum mods where he dropped them to take it down. His reason? His step dad started at MS as "Regulatory Compliance Manager", and he got ahold of a hardware test unit—we can only guess the rest. Way to go kid, busting your step father's NDA, then publicly outing him to his coworkers and the world. You are so grounded until you're 18. Well, either all that or it's just a Microsoft viral marketing plant so people don't start think the console's going to go up in vapor because they've only got about three months to get the damned thing out the door. Really, what kid lives in an empty apartment? Basically we're not ruling anything out.

[Via Joystiq]