WiFi Cantennas now "illegal"


We're a little wary of Inside Bay Area's decidedly alarmist article titled "Hackers prey on unguarded wireless links," which goes the distance in furthering the meme propagating that hijacked WiFi = super duper bad and teh ev1l hax0rs will come to get j00. But what's more egregious are the claims made by Lt. Bob Lozito of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department's Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force, who says that cantennas (WiFi antennas made of Pringles cans or like shapes) are "unsophisticated but reliable, and it's illegal to possess them." This, apparently, because a student caught trying to hack his grades at school posessed a cantenna. Uh, we're not entirely sure whether or not Mr. Lozito's quoting the law or making it up as he goes (we'll tell you what we think he's doing), but seriously, is the government going to start making pickup trucks illegal because they can be used to loot houses whose doors are left unlocked?

[Via TechDirt]