5th-generation iPods to get in-house scroll-wheel, replaceable batteries?

iPod photo cropped

AppleInsider has some news on what we might expect from the forthcoming fifth-generation iPod, expected later this year. Look for an Apple-developed scroll wheel to replace the currently-used Synaptics version — Apple has been severing ties with Synaptics since earlier in the year when they dropped them as supplier of trackpads for the PowerBook and iBook lines. It's also part of a broader strategy on reducing component outsourcing in order to maintain tighter control over the company's intellectual property (and why does that not surprise us). The other salient bit is that Apple appears to be considering making the iPod battery user-replaceable. They'd market a replacement battery in the $49 to $69 range, which would presumably save them from getting embroiled in further nasty class-action suits.