New York Times reviews Sony HDR-HC1 camcorder

sony hdr-hc1

You may not be ready to shell out $1,700 for Sony's HDR-HC1 camcorder, but just in case you're lusting over it, David Pogue of The New York Times can feed your need with his review. The bad news (at least if you're easily tempted): the consumer-level HD camcorder lives up to its hype, according to Pogue: well designed, easy to hold, and able to capture real HD on MiniDV tapes. Of course, as Pogue points out, with no real HD VCRs or DVD burners available for consumers, the main way to output your footage to your HDTV set is going to be the awkward method of connecting the camcorder directly to it. If that's not enough of a cold shower for you, then you may just be ready to spend that $1,700 after all.