GoogleNet--massive Google WiFi in the works?

Wireless Google

Suddenly Google local (and maps, and video, and so on) makes so much more sense—Business 2.0 reports that they've learned from "telecom insiders" that Google is hard at work on a nation-wide high-capacity data network, buying up unused fiber lines and cheap backbone access to really flesh out their capacity. B2 theorizes this could result in a massive digital video db, on-demand television (IPTV) system, or free ad-based WiFi network, which in conjunction with location-tracking hotspot firm Feeva, has already been pilot launched in San Francisco serving up Google Local-based ads. Could Google really power not just Internet search, but a sizable portion of the Internet? Beats us, but if they want to make it happen, they better get that AdSense click fraud thing sorted out asap.