Google buys cellphone software company

Wireless Google

We only have the faintest idea why Google just bought Android, a stealthy startup that specializes in making "software for mobile phones," but we do know that trying to guess Google's next move recently replaced digging through Steve Jobs' garbage for clues about the next iPod at the top of our weekend activities list. It's no secret that Google's getting ready to a move into wireless (witness Monday's story that they were thinking about launching some sort of free WiFi network), we just don't know exactly what it's going to be yet. They launched SMS search last year and then scooped up Dodgeball, that sort-of-Friendster-for-cellphones-thing that we've mentioned a few times on the site a few months ago, but what really gets our speculative juices flowing (disgusting as that sounds) is that Android was founded by the same guy who started Danger, the company which makes the T-Mobile Sidekick. For now Google's keeping quiet about what they're working on, they would only tell BusinessWeek that they, "acquired Android because of the talented engineers and great technology."