The TI-84+ gets down with USB peripherals

TI-84+ running from a Lexar JumpDrive

Alright, Texas Instruments fanboys — gather 'round, for we bear tidings of a new driver written for the TI-84+ that interfaces with that unit's USB On-the-Go port and renders it usable with a number of USB peripherals. Already tested with the Usb8x flash application are a USB mouse, and a loopback test for the USB Silverlink — and, a USB flash drive. The video below shows a scene from The Matrix playing off of a 1GB Lexar JumpDrive on the TI-84+'s screen — yeah, PSP it is not but hey, who knows when you'll be stuck on a desert island with only your trusty calculator, a USB cable and a USB flash drive? It's better to be prepared.

Video [WMV]

[Thanks, Exbzurg]