Hunting Safari Memory Leaks

Safari Icon

On the Surfin' Safari blog, the development team behind Safari are going on safari for memory leaks and they could use your help. If you are interested in playing around with WebKit, all you have to do is install the Developer Tools and grab a fresh build of the WebKit, enter in a few Terminal commands, launch Safari, surf, and then run another Terminal command (these instructions in detail are here). Then, of course, you will need to produce the most detailed bug report that you can: "If you want to make an even better bug report, see if you can reproduce the leak by following some specific set of steps, and include that in the bug. You can also look at the backtraces in the leak report and see if you can match up ones that look the same. Its useful to file a separate bug report for each one that looks different, and to consolidate leaks on different sites that look like they have the same stack trace."

Check it out.