Dell hates those little stickers on their PCs, too

Intel Inside Pentium 4

With margins so thin on their computers you could split split-hairs, and a whole PC's manufacturing time down to less than four minutes, it would seem that Dell's got the right to be getting a little fed up with all those stickers they have to slap on there before shipping ("other people's advertising," as some Dell managers have called it). Then again, it's not like their competition doesn't have to spend the same time putting the same stickers on; either way we have a feeling those getting their products advertised wouldn't be too happy about Dell refusing the stickers outright (or charging the big names a little something extra for the additional 30 seconds it takes a set of Malaysian or Chinese hands to apply them). We just know we sure as hell wouldn't mind not having to de-badge our new boxes in the future.

[Via The Raw Feed]