It's official: ROKR E1 iTunes phone can only store max. 100 tracks

Motorola ROKR E1 iTunes phone

Motorola and Apple were masterfully oblique about this during yesterday's press conference, and oddly enough there's zero mention of the issue at all in any of the press releases we've seen, but we double checked with Motorola last night and got them to officially confirm that no matter big of a memory card you have, you can only transfer a maximum of 100 tracks to the new ROKR E1 iTunes phone. Our sources at Moto tell us that Apple had originally insisted on a completely ridiculous 25 song cap because of "licensing issues", and that the current 100 song limit was the compromise number they settled on. We prodded Motorola CEO Ed Zander about this at last night's launch event and his response was simply, "Ask Apple." Ironically, the ROKR E1 has a generic, non-iTunes, Java-based media player that can play as many MP3s as you have room for on your card.