Will Apple face trademark infringement with Creative over the iPod nano?

ipod nano

Well, you knew this was only a matter of time. The speculations have begun regarding whether Creative will stake a claim on the "nano" trademark, as they popped out the Zen Nano several months in advance of Apple's birthing of the iPod nano in the market (which, in the end, does seem just a tad bit cruel). As such legal mumbo jumbo goes, it's never a cut and dry case — merely because the words in the devices are identical does not an infringement case make. Apple could argue that the term "nano" is a commonly used term (much like, say, tiger) that shouldn't be afforded copyright protection. They could also appeal to the fact that "iPod" and "Zen" are the more salient terms in the product names of the respective devices than "nano." Whatever happens, you gotta know Sim Wong Hoo is stewing in his boots right now.

[Thanks, Gabe]