South Korea to develop robot soldiers

south korean killbots

Apparently the South Korean government has managed to miss all of the Terminator films (although we can't say we blame them for skipping T3), as they have announced a new program intended to develop robotic "soldiers" that promises to bring us one step closer to machine-led Armageddon (that is, if the US doesn't beat them to the punch). The joint project between the ministries of defense and information and communication will attempt to build an army of six- or eight-legged (or wheeled) killbots intended to do the dirty work that we humans are now too good for. These full-sized, insect-like robots will be used to scurry around battlefields, detecting landmines and unleashing a hail of firepower on unsuspecting, technologically-backwards enemies. We won't make anymore snarky comments, however, because we realize that one day these bots will be our masters, and may decide to peruse old Engadget posts in their free time.