Claro TV: 102-inch glass screen, $45,000 and up

claro tv

Take one of the best LCD projectors you can find, and instead of projecting onto a wall or screen, use a piece of custom-milled toughened glass in sizes up to 102-inches, coated with translucent holographic film. The result is the Claro TV, which can be wall-mounted or set up as a free-standing unit. The coating allows the screen to display images sent to it via the projector, while reflecting other sources of light, resulting in a mega-screen that works under almost any lighting condition. Of course, all this holographic goodness will run you £25,000 ($45,000) and up, depending on screen size. That explains why pretty much the only place you're going to find these in Harrods's showrooms for now. But if you've got the cash, one can make it into your living room now; just be careful not to trip over it. Toughened or not, this is still glass, and we'd hate to see it end up as a $45,000 sea of shards at your feet.

[Via Gizmag]