Microsoft, Intel officially back HD-DVD format

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Richard Lawler
September 27th, 2005
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Microsoft, Intel  officially back HD-DVD format image
Microsoft, Intel officially back HD-DVD format image
Despite peacemaking attempts, the HD-DVD and Blu-ray camps are likely going to war next year, and Intel has officially joined the HD-DVD side. Microsoft and Intel officially announced support for the standard yesterday, while Blu-ray's backers remained undeterred in supporting their own standard. HD-DVD has the support of the DVD Forum, the capability to have regular DVD format written to one side of the disc, and gives users the capability to copy movies to their hard drives. Blu-ray however has a different DRM scheme altogether, as well as higher storage capacity.

Although Microsoft and Intel together produce the hardware and software in most of the worlds computers, PC manufacturers Dell and HP are squarely in the Blu-ray camp. If the manufacturers of the different formats can't decide what to do the market will, but at what cost and how long will it take for the dust to settle?

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