Johnny Five creator looking to cash-in

johnny five

Remember that Short Circuit movie (you know, the one where cute little robot Johnny Five befriends some cute kid- it was totally the feel good movie of whatever year it came out in)? Well not only do some people remember it (and the sequel, Short Circuit 2), they have actually devoted a website to discussing all things Johnny Five. Members of the forum are slightly ecstatic as of late, because J-5 designer Eric Allard is considering producing a line of merchandise, pending adequate interest. Allard is looking to sell blueprints and parts to make your very own Johnny, as well as pre-assembled radio-controlled J-5s for the kids. You can show your support for this project by following the "Read" link; just don't insult these fanatics with any of that "Hey Laserlips! Your mama was a snowblower!" stuff.

[Thanks, William]