VoomPC puts a PC in your car for $300


If you've been looking to put a PC into your car but have balked at the costs or the amount of DIY work involved, you may want to take a look at the VoomPC M10000 from VIA and Mini-Box. The companies claim the VoomPC is the first car PC kit available for under $300, and, while we're sure you can do it yourself for less (you can get the VoomPC enclosure for just $80, and add parts a la carte if you think you can pull it off), it seems like a decent barebones package, combining the enclosure, power supply and motherboard with a 1GHz VIA C3 processor. Of course, as with any barebones package, you still have to do a little yourself; there's no hard drive or OS included, and you're on your own when it comes to installing it in your car and hooking up a display and input device. But this certainly doesn't seem like a bad way to start.

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