When you won't be able to tell HDTV from real life: Brightside HDR preview

No matter how much you spent on your HDTV, or what amazing Apple Cinema display you are reading this post on, Brightside Technology thinks you haven't seen anything yet. As we reported earlier, they are taking LCD's and displays in general to the next step, by producing greater contrast ratios (200k:1), which will increase the quality of the picture we get from all currently available displays.

HDR lighting is quickly becoming all the rage in games, it was used to create the realistic screenshot you see here, and also in Half Life 2: The Lost Coast, and Project Gotham 3. No matter what system or graphics card however, even the best CRT screens are not capable of displaying light throughout the full range your eyes can see, but an HDR display will. Even the 1,000,000:1 display ratio LCD that was recently announced can at it's maximum only get 1/8th as bright as their HDR display.

They say by combining their technology with all the money invested in LCD production already, we will have affordable HDR displays within a couple years. Click the link and see what Bit-tech has to say about their peek at the future.

[Thanks Joe for the link]