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Litter-Robot automated kitty litter cleaner


We all know the future isn't really about technology; in the end it's all about spandex, automation, white bulbous plastic, and a few whooshing noises here or there. Well, along those lines we have the Litter-Robot, an automated litter sifter that disposes of the "clumps" 7 minutes after your cat does its business and leaves. It works by rotating the round part of the unit until everything is separated by the sifting screen, allowing the colored golf balls kitty doo-doo to land nice and neat into a garbage bag that sits in a drawer in the bottom, leaving the kitty litter clean and you labor free. We just hope your cat doesn't fall prey to the belief that her litter box could turn into a swirling vortex of doom at any time and end up avoiding the place altogether.