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The eBox-3800SL mini PC

ebox-3800sl mini pc

Ok, the eBox-3800SL is not going to win any mini-PC design awards based on appearance, but at 6.7 x 4.9 x 1.5-inches it's damned small and that counts for sumtin', right? Besides, this fanless, ultra-low-power device featuring a 5 second quick boot BIOS and Windows XP Embedded is probably best off tucked away in your dash or assembly area, dig. It packs in a VIA Eden-N Nano 800MHz processor, 256MB DDR RAM, 10/100Mbps LAN, two USB 2.0 ports (one on front), and a CLE266 graphics chipset for crisp MPEG-2 acceleration. Just don't eat it, k, 'cause you'll miss that $365US.

[Via The Raw Feed]