Numark's iDJ iPod mixer reviewed

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Paul Miller
October 17, 2005 7:30 AM
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Numark's iDJ iPod mixer reviewed image
Numark's iDJ iPod mixer reviewed image
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Who else but to review Numark's iDJ iPod DJ mixer? They're definite fans of the device, and it seems to definitely beat out the traditional solution of plugging a couple of iPods into a mixer. For one, the sound is mo' betta because it's coming out of the iPod dock connector versus the headphone jack. Also, the board helps you queue tracks and unpauses them automatically as you fade them in. They dig the general interface and controls, but the functionality is mainly limited to straight up mixing; you can't do pitch control to fine-tune beat matching, and you can't listen to your cued channel in one ear while the other channel plays — another knock against keeping a single groove moving along. There is an S-video out port, designed for the iPod photo, but it only pumps out a signal from the iPod on the left; so even if it is compatible with the iPod with video, it won't be up for any VJ tasks. All in all a step forward for those who are set on using the iPod for their DJ duties, but it doesn't really cover many of the needs of a full-on, beat matching, wax-scratching DJ.

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